The prolonged 2 KM sand beach is a luscious part of Jumeirah Bay located between two bays of Ras Elhekma, providing calm turquoise waters and white sands.


Offering easy access to key elements of Jumeirah Bay, the crystal blue lagoon is the spine of the resort, where community comes to life. From the tranquil promenade that boasts breathtaking panoramic views to action-packed water sports like jet skiing, surfing and more, the geyser river makes up the life core of Jumeirah Bay, running across its centre, right to the coast which encompasses the resort’s five-star hotel.


Our water activities’ plateau includes different types of swimming pools such as grand horizon pool, tropical water canals, in addition to a remarkable international standardized pool for sports practice, offering an amazing summer experience.


Connected to the main entrance of Jumeirah Bay, the boulevard is the resort’s main road; an arterial road that runs along the side of the Grand Lake includes a variety of activities from bike riding and walking trails of easy open access, to floating restaurants and shops, all ensuring you can enjoy every opportunity that the outdoors has to offer. Spanning the entire length of the resort from the Downtown Area all the way to the Five Star hotel by the beach, Corniche Boulevard provides an extensive integrated environment friendly transportation system that connects the entire resort.


The Beach Hotel and Resort offers exclusive access to two beautiful beaches, one by the sea and the other by the Grand Lake. In addition to its exclusive hotel rooms, the Beach Hotel and Resort offers residential Villas all managed, maintained and serviced by the hotel. So that you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership with the distinguished hotel service.


Jumeirah Bay Beach Clubhouse offers a unique setting for weddings, receptions, social parties and corporate functions. With its on-the-surf location, panoramic views and horizon swimming pool deck overlooking the beach, this landmark venue works best for your perfect photograph background.


An outdoor area bringing together the best shopping, leisure and fine dining experiences. Jumeirah Bay’s Downtown area comes as the newest North Coast’s leisure hub. The carefully planned retail area offers a range of luxury and boutique brands across the shopping mall and retail strip. In addition to the family cinema, fine dining restaurants and international cafes. 2300 square meters hypermarket will cater to residents’ daily shopping needs, besides the mega food court offering convenient options on the go.


The Geyser Promenade is fully integrated with Las Ramblas Piazza, taking its name from the Piazza in Barcelona. Made almost exclusively for all the young-spirited people, this part of the resort offers an area where younger generation can experience different social and entertainment activities.


Slide, splash and get soaked in this mingling play area, filled with slides, climbing spots, water spouts and multi depth pools. In addition to catching some waves or cooling off where the waves are just big enough for all ages to enjoy with an entertaining visibility of the Geyser.