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Jumeirah Bay is designed to offer impressive panoramic sea views that can be enjoyed from every corner of the resort; the sea can be viewed in its entirety from the beginning of the resort two kilometers inland all the way to its end. Capturing and showcasing the exceptional environment of the area, Jumeirah Bay’s urban design concept proposes a total footprint of only 15%, highlighting an expansive landscaping and greenery that create the perfect atmosphere.

The formation of Jumeirah Bay landscape takes place over three phases:
(1) Fuka Bay geyser eruption.
(2) Water flow towards the sea.
(3) Landscape carving effects of water flow.

Driven water moves with the force of gravity in the downward slope of our resort. The location of the geyser is an entire 30 meter above sea level. The movement of water adds an organic element to the shape of the resort and the structures within the resort itself forming islands, water canals, peninsulas, cliffs, lake, and even hills.